In America, the #1 reason hearts and minds are changing from standing against LGBT equality to standing for it, is personal relationships. When people who support the freedom to marry have the courage and commitment to help a conflicted loved one shift from prejudice to open-mindedness, that person is most likely to come around.

Also, there is a significant voting block in America of people of faith who vote against LGBT equality because of their religious convictions. What we hear in our halls of worship directly affects what we do in the voting booth.

The Love Free or Die: Friends & Family Plan is a powerful online tool designed to be used in concert with the film to motivate and equip pro-LGBT people to move our loved ones who are conflicted because of their faith convictions. It includes the best research, strategies, messages and resources to help you prepare – giving you a totally personalized report. Do you have a favorite aunt, an old college roommate, a parent who loves you but votes against LGBT equality? Help them stand on the right side of history!

Step 1: See the Film

Screenings across the country are listed in the screenings section of this site.

  • Attend a local screening
  • Organize a house party
  • Organize a screening with your community group

Email us at [email protected] for the simple steps to host a screening and inspire your faith community, school, or friend circle to get involved.

Click here to check TV listings to find out when Love Free or Die is playing in your area.
Click here to purchase the DVD.
Click here if you are an educational institution and wish to purchase the film.

Step 2: Each one, Move one

Engage a friend or family member who is conflicted, or who votes against us and help him or her to stand on the right side of history.

Click here to sign up for updates and resources for the LOVE FREE OR DIE film and the Friends & Family plan.

We’ll let you know by email when to check back on our Web site for materials to help you move a conflicted loved one, including:

  • Film clips to use and share
  • Blogs that offer conversation strategies
  • Role play with people just like your friend or family member
  • Religious resources to engage and respond to people of different religions, cultures, and regions in America around the freedom to marry
  • Stories about how all kinds of people have come around on this issue
  • Information about the key battleground states we want to impact, including upcoming votes and other actions

Step 3: Spread the Word

  • Facebook: Join the Love Free or Die community and push out our clips and resources to your Facebook community
  • Email: It’s easy to email campaign info to your contacts
  • The Friends & Family Plan: Spread the word about our helpful online tool to share the best strategies for having a conversation to open someone’s heart and mind who is conflicted about supporting LGBT equality because of their religious convictions.

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